Archaeological Field Work | 1995 Field Season - Mosfell Church

Our initial goal in 1995 in carrying out the archaeological reconnaissance at the site of Mosfell, in the Mosfell Valley, was to determine whether we could locate the important sites mentioned in the medieval texts.

From these excavations, we discovered that at least one major historic aspect of the Mosfell site was bulldozed (leaving, nevertheless, clear foundations of a probable Medieval period church).

However, we were encouraged that significant historic remains at Mosfell and the surrounding sites appeared undisturbed.

Further, it was then apparent to us that there might be other important, undisturbed sites not mentioned in the medieval texts.

Jesse Byock Excavating the Churchyard Mound at Mosfell

Test excavations were done in the Mosfell church mound.

Modern Church at Mosfell

The modern church at Mosfell.